Tributes Were Paid To Sikhs Killed In America On April 15

Tributes were paid to Sikhs Killed in America On April 15. Recall of the Sikhs killed in America, there was a firing incident on April 15.

An event was organized to pay tributes to the Sikhs killed in the April 15 shooting incident in Indiana, USA.

In Indiana, 19-year-old Brendan Scott shot and killed eight people, including four Sikhs, at the FedEx Facilitation Center.

On Saturday, the Sikh community held a meeting at the City Stadium to commemorate the slain Sikhs. It was also attended by representatives of the state and central government along with the people of the city.

Here, Indiana Governor Irik Holcomb said that he was with the Sikh community and the families of the victims. Many MPs have also sent condolence messages.

Firing in the casino, two killed.

Another shooting incident occurred in the US in Wisconsin. An attacker shot and killed two people, injuring one, at a casino in Green Way here.

This attacker came in search of someone. When he could not be found, his comrades were shot.

World epidemic increases, 60 thousand new cases a day in America, 2,870 deaths in Brazil.

The corona epidemic in the world is not taking its name to a halt. Many countries are witnessing a sharp rise in the number of new cases and deaths due to the re-emergence of epidemics.

During the last 24 hours, more than 14 thousand patients died in the world. Whereas during this period more than eight lakh 70 thousand new infections have increased worldwide.

14 thousand deaths in 24 hours in the world.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the global figure of corona patients on Saturday morning increased to 15.92 million and 476.

A day earlier this figure was 15 crore one lakh two thousand 206. Whereas in the last 24 hours, the total number of people who died due to the death of 14 thousand 417 victims increased to 31 lakh 76 thousand 54.

As of Friday, this number was 31 lakh 61 thousand 637.

60 thousand new cases in America.

Nearly 60 thousand new positives were found in the last 24 hours in the US, which has suffered the most from the corona epidemic in the world.

With this, the total number of victims here has exceeded three crores 31 lakhs. So far, more than 5 lakh 90 thousand victims have died. India and Brazil are the most affected countries after America.

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