US-issued Advisory For Its Citizens Living In Ukraine

US-issued advisory for its citizens living in Ukraine. The US citizens should return home immediately.

The United States has urged its people living in Ukraine to leave the country immediately. For this, an advisory has been issued by the US State Department.

In fact, the risk of Russian military actions there has increased significantly.

That is why an advisory was issued by Washington for the Americans living there, should immediately return home either by commercial or private Planes.

Although Russia has denied any plans to attack Ukraine but has deployed more than 10,000 soldiers along its border.

The advisory, issued on Thursday local time, said, “In view of Covid-19 and the possible Russian attack on Ukraine, do not travel there, those who are there should leave the country immediately.”

If you want to stay there, take extra precautions and have the ability to avoid a Russian attack.

US-issued advisory for its citizens: The US has claimed that the Russian army can reach Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, within the next two days.

In view of this, consignments of weapons from America are reaching Ukraine. Let us tell you that America has started trying to help Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov himself tweeted this information. In this, he said that two American planes landed here with more than 80 tons of gunpowder.

The situation around Ukraine has worsened in the past few weeks.

In addition to the US and the European Union, NATO has expressed concern over Russian military build-up along the Ukrainian border.

NATO has also urged allies to increase their military support for Kyiv.

President Biden rejects a report on a suicide attack at Kabul airport.

US President Joe Biden has dismissed an Army investigation report.

He said the White House and the State Department together asked the Defense Ministry to come up with a better plan for the safe evacuation of its personnel and its allies from its embassy in Afghanistan.

According to the report, this was done about a week before the Taliban occupation of Kabul. Biden clearly said in an interview to NBC News that he has rejected it.

According to the report of Sputnik, he also said that he respects the recommendations given in the Army Investigation Report.

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