US Presidential Election: Trump Made Fun Of Nikki Haley’s Husband

US Presidential Election: Trump made fun of Nikki Haley’s husband, then got a befitting reply; Know what the whole matter.

The verbal spat between Nikki Haley and former president Donald Trump, the front-runners of the Republican Party for the November 2024 US presidential election, is getting more intense.

Indeed, during a recent campaign for president, Trump ridiculed the spouse of Nikki Haley and questioned why he wasn’t there.

Nikki Haley became very angry at this and former UN Ambassador Haley and her husband Michael reacted sharply to this. Since then, America’s politics has become more heated.

Trump raised questions on Nikki Haley’s husband.

The war of words between the two presidential candidates from the Republican Party began with Trump’s rally in South Carolina on Saturday.

Where Trump knowingly or unknowingly started asking questions about Nikki’s husband. She said, “Where is her husband? He is not here, what happened to her husband? He is gone.”

Nikki Haley gave a befitting reply.

Nikki Haley’s husband is a Major in the American Army and these days he is posted in Africa.

Nikki Haley hit back, saying that a man who disrespects military families has no right to be commander-in-chief.

According to the news agency, Haley has also retaliated to this statement of Trump.

Addressing the crowd in South Carolina, Haley said, “Donald, if you have something to say, say it to my face, not behind my back. Get on the debate stage and say it to my face.”

She said, “I am proud of Michael’s service. All military families know it is a sacrifice. I have long spoken about the fact that we need to test the mental capacity of leaders over the age of 75.”

‘You have no right to be Commander-in-Chief’.

Haley said in a post, “Michael, you are deployed to Africa for the United States and you know nothing about it. A man who consistently disrespects the sacrifice of military families has no right to be Commander-in-Chief.”

Haley said, “He’s always been my rock. We’ve both led lives of service and so when he goes to deploy, my support is completely with him. If I’m running for president, so their support is completely with me.”

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