Video Calling From TV, Google Duo App Now In TV

Video calling from TV, support of this popular app given in TV after phone. Google has expanded the service of its video calling app Duo. Until now, the Google Duo app supported Android phones, iPhones, tablets, computers, and smart displays. But now it will also be available in those smart TVs that work on the Android TV operating system.

Four years after launching, support on TV was found

According to a Gizmochina report, four years after the launch of the Duo from Google, it has been made available for use on Android TV. Information about this has been given by releasing a teaser from Google. With the support of the Google Duo app, users will now be able to make video calls directly from the TV.

But the users of video calling on TV will be able to take the same users whose smart TV will have an in-built camera. If this is not done, users will only be able to make voice calling on their smart TV. However, if the TV does not have an inbuilt camera, video calls can be enjoyed via webcam on Android 9 platform based TVs.

Google Duo will need an update

Before using this new feature, users should know that after the app is installed on the Google Play Store, the app will not appear on your home screen. For this, you have to go to the App Store with the Setting option. In such a situation, it is expected that the upcoming update will get rid of this problem. When you make a video call from the TV, the TV remote will pick up your voice, while the calling voice comes from the TV.

Google Duo’s Scope

Google duo was released on 16 August 2016. Up to 12 people can simultaneously do video calling at one time on Google Duo. During the lockdown, Google has given many updates in its video calling app Duo, which can help users to make video calls.

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