Where Did Amritpal Singh Go? High Court Strict, Punjab Police Said – We Have Issued A Non-bailable Warrant

Where did Amritpal Singh go? High Court strict, Punjab Police said – We have issued a non-bailable warrant.

Khalistan supporter and radical leader Amritpal Singh has become a headache for the Punjab Police. The High Court has started putting the police in the dock for not arresting him.

On this, the Punjab Police has filed an affidavit in the High Court informing about the issue of a non-bailable warrant against fugitive Amritpal Singh.

In the information given in the court, the police said that 6 FIRs have been registered against Amritpal. On March 18 itself, the National Security Act (NSA) was imposed against him.

Significantly, it has been more than 74 hours since Amritpal Singh, the head of ‘Waris Punjab De’ and a Khalistan supporter, absconded. 

Several teams of Punjab Police have been engaged to arrest Amritpal. No one is aware of the whereabouts of Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh.

However, the father alleges that the police are framing him and have kept him in custody. On the other hand, the police say that Amritpal wanted to build a Sikh country.

Now the bank accounts, movements, and relations of Amritpal’s NRI wife Kirandeep Kaur, and family are being probed. A list of 500 close friends of Amritpal has also been prepared for investigation.

The High Court said what is Punjab government doing.

After hearing the argument of the police on Amritpal’s absconding, the High Court said, ‘When Amritpal was a threat to the security of the country, what was the government doing till now?

He was roaming around with weapons. How did he manipulate to break out regardless of such a lot of police?

What is the police force of 80000 personnel doing, when the security of the country is in danger?

On this, the government replied that the government is taking action after looking at many aspects.

So that the law and order of the state do not deteriorate. On this, the High Court has postponed the hearing of the case for four days.

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