Neha Hiremath Murder: Faiyaz Stabs Neha 14 Times In 30 Seconds, Shocking

Neha Hiremath Murder: Faiyaz Stabs Neha 14 Times in 30 Seconds, Shocking Post-Mortem Revelations Unveiled.

The chilling details of the Neha Hiremath murder case unfolding in Hubli, Karnataka. Discover the gruesome truth as revealed by Neha’s post-mortem report, exposing Faiyaz’s brutality.

Neha Hiremath Murder: Faiyaz stabbed Neha 14 times with a knife in 30 seconds, many big revelations came from the post-mortem report.

Neha Hiremath Murder: The case of Neha Hiremath’s murder is heating up in Hubli, Karnataka. Now with Neha’s post-mortem report coming out, Fayaz’s cruelty has been exposed.

According to police sources on Monday, it turned out that she had been stabbed fourteen times in just thirty seconds., police sources confirmed on Monday.

Many big revelations from the post-mortem report.

The post-mortem report states that accused Faiyaz had stabbed Neha in her chest and neck.

Citing the post-mortem report, sources told the news agency, “Neha was attacked several times on the neck and due to this her veins were cut, due to which a large amount of blood flowed out, after which Neha died.”

Even tried to slit her throat.

Citing the post-mortem report, police sources said that Neha was first attacked on her chest and stomach.

But as soon as she fell, Faiyaz started stabbing her with a knife continuously all over her body. The accused had also tried to slit her throat.

Faiyaz wanted to convert.

Neha Hiremath was studying MCA at BVB College, Hubli. She was murdered by her lover Faiyaz Kondikappa. Both studied together in BCA and were friends.

Faiyaz had stopped his studies after BCA. Neha’s father and Congress councilor said that the accused had wanted to forcibly convert his daughter for many years.

What did DK Shivkumar say about the Hubli massacre? BJP demanded a CBI inquiry.

Neha Hiremath, 23, daughter of Congress councilor Niranjan Hiremath, was stabbed to death on Thursday (April 18) at the BVB College campus in Hubli, Karnataka.

Neha was a first-year MCA student. Faiyaz Khondunaik (23), a dropout student of the same college, attacked Neha seven times with a knife on her body including her neck and stomach.

The video of the incident has surfaced on social media, in which Faiyaz was seen attacking Neha.

BJP attacked Karnataka government.

After this matter, the BJP has intensified its attack on the Karnataka government.

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar on Monday said his government has no objection to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) investigation into the Hubli murder case.

However, he added that his government would deal with the case in its way.


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