Winter Management Strategy On The Border Is Effective

Winter management strategy on the border is effective: Infiltration on Border. Now terrorists will not be able to infiltrate under the cover of dense fog.

The Winter Management Strategy has been made effective by the Border Security Force.

The strategy was used to expose the tunnel dug by Pakistan for infiltration on the international border into Samba district of Jammu division to face the challenge of dense fog, severe cold.

In the winter months, along with the additional deployment of troops for better border guarding.

The border guards are keeping a close watch on enemy movements in the fog due to better equipment. The foreign thermal imager near the border guarding force can see the enemy even in the dark in the cold.

As the militants are trying to disturb the ongoing District Development Council elections in the state, the brave guards are standing on the border with brave courage and taunts.

Thick fog and severe cold cannot reduce their emotions. Taking advantage of dense fog, terrorists come near the border and try to carry out the crime.

In such a situation, along with increasing the deployment of troops on the border in Kathua, Samba, and Jammu district of Jammu division, additional blocks have been erected.

After the snowfall along the Line of Control, there is strong evidence of the increase in the activities of terrorists across the international border.

Border security is equipped with many modern types of equipment: Border security forces also have thermal imager, high range night vision, and sensors to see in the dark and dense fog along the border.

But these are the most effective soldiers, who give blood transfusions Vali also neutralizes the cold.

Apart from BSF, the army also protects the border: the Jammu division has a 202 km international border. Of this, 192 km is with the Border Security Force and 10 km in Akhnoor.

In Poonch, some part of the Line of Control is responsible for the Border Security Force. Kathua, Samba, and Jammu district in the Jammu division have a considerable population on the international border.

Rajouri-Poonch district is adjacent to the Line of Control.

The jawan is trained to face the enemy in every situation: SPS Sandhu, DIG, Border Security Force, Jammu Frontier, says that the border guards are trained to face the enemy in every season.

At this time, there are strong arrangements to thwart the enemy’s plans. Making the Winter Management Strategy effective is part of the strategy. The soldiers guarding the border are emboldened.

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