Zebronics Launches Powerful Sound Zeb-Zuke Bar 4050 Soundbar

Zebronics Launches Powerful Sound Zeb-Zuke Bar 4050 Soundbar, Will Make Theater Homes.

Zebronics has launched the Zeb-Zuke Bar 4050 Soundbar in India. Many connectivity options have been given in this powerful soundbar which provides you with the best sound experience.

Zebronics is ready to completely transform your audio experience. The price of the 4050 soundbars is 4,499. It is available for sale on Flipkart.

With this soundbar, you will be able to enjoy the punchy sound. Also, you will be able to watch movies and enjoy music or sports.

The soundbar will also get an immersive sound experience along with a lot of connectivity options. Let us know in detail what features are available in this soundbar with price features.

Zebronics Launches Powerful Sound Zeb-Zuke Bar 4050 Soundbar: 10.16 cm subwoofer.

The soundbar has been given a modern design and its sound quality is very good. This soundbar comes with a 10.16 cm subwoofer, which delivers a stellar performance.

In this, you can choose any model as per your choice. Apart from this, multi-connectivity options like HDMI (ARC) have also been given in it. With the help of this, you can easily connect it with the TV.

3D Equalizer Mode.

The soundbar comes with a dual driver and is equipped with advanced features like equalizer mode for movies, music, and 3D to enhance the listening experience.

In this, you can enjoy wireless music streaming. Also, you can use optical or aux input to connect DTH, DVD player, laptop, etc.

Zeb-Zuke’s Compact Soundbar.

Pradeep Doshi, Managing Director, Zebronics says that everything in India is related to music.

For a nation that loves music to the depths of its soul and we believe in the tradition of artists and their respect.

We have launched a compact soundbar that holds a special place in my heart and truly stands out with a premium approach to the ideology of the masses.

We bring the most outstanding audio to India with our ZEB-Juke Bar 4050.

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