10 Deadliest Terrorist Attacks In India: Bloodshed And Horror From Reasi To Mumbai

10 Deadliest Terrorist Attacks in India: Bloodshed and Horror from Reasi to Mumbai.

10 Deadliest Terrorist Attacks In India: Discover the 10 most horrific terrorist attacks in India, including the recent Reasi attack.

Learn about the devastating incidents, their impact, and the stories of resilience and tragedy.

Terrorist Attack In India: Not only Reasi, the country cannot forget these 10 terrorist attacks, terrorists played Holi with blood.

Terror Attacks In India: When we hear the word terror, only one thing comes to mind and that is bloodshed and firing everywhere.

A similar scene was seen in Reasi, Jammu on Sunday when terrorists opened fire on a bus carrying pilgrims going from Shiv Khodi cave temple in Katra to Mata Vaishno Devi temple.

At least nine pilgrims including a child died in this attack and 33 other passengers were injured. Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LET) is behind the terrorist attack.

The firing was so fierce that the bus lost control and fell straight into the ditch. It is not that India has witnessed the first incident related to terror.

10 Deadliest Terrorist Attacks In India: Such 10 dangerous terror attacks took place in many states of India, which made everyone lose sleep.

These 10 terrorist incidents include.

Pulwama Attack, 2019.
26/11 Mumbai Attack, 2008.
1993, Mumbai Serial Blast.
14 September 2002 Akshardham Temple Attack.
29 October 2005 Delhi Attack.
11 July 2006 Mumbai Train Blast.
13 May 2008 Jaipur Blast.
13 December 2001 Attack on Indian Parliament.
14 February 1998 Coimbatore Attack.
1 October 2001 Jammu Kashmir Assembly Attack.

Pulwama Attack: This terrorist attack took place on 14 February 2019 in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistani terrorists attacked the CRPF convoy. In this assault, forty troops lost their lives.

26/11 Mumbai Attack: A suicide terrorist attack took place in Mumbai on the night of 26 November 2008. Apart from the serial bomb blasts, the terrorists had fired indiscriminately at many locations.

The terrorists captured Hotel Taj and Nariman House. 166 people died and 293 were injured in this. Terrorist Kasab was caught, while 9 terrorists were killed.

1993, Mumbai Serial Blast: Bomb blasts took place one after another at many places in Mumbai.

D Company and Dawood Ibrahim were behind this. 257 people died and 713 people were injured in this attack.

14 September 2002 Akshardham Temple Attack: 2 terrorists of Lashkar and Jaish entered the temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, and started attacking the people present there with weapons and grenades.

31 people died in this attack. 80 were injured. The names of the terrorists were – Murtaza Hafiz Yasin and Ashraf Ali Mohammad Farooq.

29 October 2005 Delhi attack: 3 blasts were carried out in Delhi before Diwali.

A bus was attacked in Sarojini Nagar, Paharganj, and Govindpuri. 63 people were killed in this terrorist attack. 210 were injured.

11 July 2006 Mumbai train blast: 7 separate bomb blasts were carried out in Mumbai local trains. Indian Mujahideen was behind this. 210 people died in this.

13 May 2008 Jaipur blast: About 9 bomb blasts were carried out in the Pink City within 15 minutes. 63 people died in this.

13 December 2001 Indian Parliament attack: 5 terrorists attacked the Parliament, considered to be the safest place in India.

At the time of the attack, 100 leaders were present in the Parliament. 3 Parliament House employees including 6 policemen were killed in this. Lashkar and Jaish were behind this.

14 February 1998 Coimbatore attack: 12 bomb blasts took place at 11 different locations in Coimbatore. 60 people were killed in this. The terrorists of the Islamic group Al Ummah were behind this.

1 October 2001 Jammu Kashmir Assembly attack: The terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammed attacked the assembly with the help of 3 suicide bombers and a car bomb. 38 people were killed in this.

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