4 Delicious And Healthy Raita Recipes For Summer Refreshments

4 Delicious and Healthy Raita Recipes for Summer Refreshments.

Discover 4 Delicious and healthy raita recipes perfect for summer. From fruity delights to savory mint, tomato, and bottle gourd variations, enhance your meals with these cooling treats.

Make and eat these 4 types of raita in summer, not only taste but are also great for health.

Raita Recipes for Summer: Eating refreshing and cold things in summer is very beneficial for health.

In such a situation, we drink juice and sherbet, but today in this article we will talk about raita, which many people like to eat in summer.

Since too much spicy food does not taste good in this season, if raita is included in the plate, then not only the spiciness of the vegetable is controlled, but the taste of the food also doubles.

Let us tell you today, how it can be made in 4 different ways.

Fruit Raita.

Raita can be made not only with salt, cumin, or boondi but also with the help of fruits. For this, take some of your favorite fruits, such as bananas, pineapple, apples, pomegranates, etc.

After this, cut them into small pieces mix them with whipped curd, and add sugar to them. In summer, eating it chilled in the fridge can give you more pleasure than ice cream.

Mint Raita.

Mint is also used a lot in summer. With its help, you can also prepare tasty raita. To make mint raita, you can mix roasted cumin, black salt, and some sugar and add crushed mint to it.

Tomato Raita.

Tomato raita is also very good in terms of taste and health.

To make it, you have to remove its seeds and cut them into small pieces, and then prepare them by adding green coriander, green chilies, roasted cumin, sugar, and salt along with curd.

It gives a sweet and sour taste to the food, which many people like.

Bottle Gourd Raita.

Bottle gourd is very beneficial in terms of health. Even though children may make faces after seeing its vegetables, its raita is so delicious that the taste of the food doubles.

To make it, take black pepper, black salt, roasted cumin, and some spices. After this, add lightly boiled and grated gourd in curd and mix it with all the spices.

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