India’s 11-Year Wait For ICC Trophy: Will Rohit Sharma End The Drought?

India’s 11-Year Wait for ICC Trophy: Will Rohit Sharma End the Drought?

India’s 11-Year Wait for ICC Trophy: India hasn’t won an ICC trophy since 2013. With Rohit Sharma leading the team, fans hope to end the 11-year drought in the Cricket World Cup 2024.

11 years, just waiting; India has not won any ICC trophy since 2013, Rohit brigade has a chance.

Fans are waiting for the Indian team, which is facing many problems like the Mumbai Indians controversy, Virat Kohli joining the team late and the Indian team ending the 11-year drought.

America is organising a Cricket World Cup for the first time with the West Indies and here India has to play all four of its league matches.

India last won the ICC title in 2013 at the Champions Trophy under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. After this, Virat Kohli captained India in four ICC trophies but remained empty-handed.

Rohit Sharma has also captained three ICC trophies, but he too could not win us the trophy.

Now when India enters the ICC trophy for the fourth time under his captaincy, it will be hoped that this long wait will end.

India’s 11-Year Wait for ICC Trophy: Rohit has a chance.

In 1983, when an Indian with a wheatish complexion, thick hair, and a thick mustache was laughing with the World Cup trophy on his head on the balcony of Lord’s, the cricket buds started taking the form of leaves in India.

In 2011, when young friends were taking the cricket god on their shoulders and circling Wankhede, by then the plant of this game had become a dense tree in India.

Long-haired Dhoni shaved his head after winning the 2011 ODI World Cup. He fulfilled not only his wish but also India’s wish.

When India, which won the ODI World Cup twice and the T-20 World Cup once, could not win the ODI World Cup in its own country last year, the hearts of more than 1.5 billion Indians were broken.

Once again, the same Rohit has another chance. However, this will probably be the last World Cup for the Indian captain as well, so he would also want to end his trophy drought.

If we talk about the Indian team, except for one or two players, all the players in the team have played in the World Cup before.


The opportunity slipped away nine times.

After winning the ICC Champions Trophy in 2013, the Indian team reached the semi-finals and finals of ICC tournaments nine times, where it lost in all the matches.

Out of these, the team lost in the finals four times and in the semi-finals five times.

Virat practiced.

14 members of the Indian team and four reserve players arrived here in two batches. Former captain Virat Kohli arrived a day before the practice match against Bangladesh.

He did not participate in the first three practice sessions with the team and the practice match. He participated in the practice session with the Indian team at Kentige Park on Monday.

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