57 Thousand 468 Patients Recover In The Last 24 Hours

57 thousand 468 patients recover in the last 24 hours, the recovery rate crosses 75 percent. The total number of cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in India has gone up to more than 31 lakhs and the death toll has gone up to more than 57.5 thousand.

According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Health, during the last 24 hours, 61 thousand 408 cases of corona have been reported and 836 people have died. During this period, 57 thousand 468 patients have been cured and 6 lakh 9 thousand 917 sample tests have been done. According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 31 lakh 6 thousand 349 cases have been reported so far in the country.

Of these, seven lakh 10 thousand 771 are active cases. 23 lakh 38 thousand 036 patients have been cured and 57 thousand 542 people have died. So far, three crores 59 lakh two thousand 137 sample tests have been done. The recovery rate is 75.27 percent and the death rate is 1.85 percent. On August 7, the total number of cases had crossed 10 lakh.

New cases are down in Maharashtra

Maharashtra saw 10,441 fewer new cases than a day earlier. More than 14 thousand new cases were found on Saturday. The number of infected in the state has increased to 6 lakh 82 thousand 383. So far 22,253 people have lost their lives. Here one lakh 71 thousand 859 active cases and four lakh 88 thousand 271 patients have been cured.

Once again, more than five thousand new cases have been found in Uttar Pradesh. The number of infected in the state has increased to one lakh 87 thousand 781 with 5,423 new cases. So far 2,926 patients have also died. Here 49 thousand 242 active cases and one lakh 35 thousand 613 patients have been cured.

New cases reduced in South India

States of South India have seen fewer new cases than in the past few days. There are 7,895 new cases in Andhra Pradesh, 5,938 in Karnataka, and 1,908 in Kerala. With this, there have been three lakh 53 thousand 111 cases in Andhra, two lakh 77 thousand 814 in Karnataka, and 58,262 in Kerala.

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