America Is Worried About China’s Attitude On Taiwan

America is worried about China’s attitude on other issues including Taiwan, US wants Indo-Pacific free for all.

America is very serious about China’s increasing interference in Asian areas. The US has expressed concern about China’s aggression and its expansionist policies.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has said that China’s military activity in other areas, including the Taiwan Strait, is a matter of concern.

He also said that the US wants to ensure the free movement of all in the Indo-Pacific region.

The statement was quite special.

This statement of America has become very special because some time ago China and the US Secretary of State had a meeting in New York.

In this meeting on the sidelines of the UNGA, Wang Yi and Antony Blinken agreed to continue talks. However, the tension between the two was also clearly visible in this meeting.

America is worried about China: China’s tough stand on Taiwan continues.

Taiwan was the focal point of this meeting. After the meeting, the old attitude of China remained intact. China has categorically refused to lay down arms on the issue of Taiwan.

China says that Taiwan has been an inseparable part of China since the beginning. Even at the UNGA, Wang Yi made it clear that he would not tolerate any third-party interference in the Taiwan issue.

Let us tell you that there has been a situation of tension between America and China for a long time. Both China and America have taken many big decisions against each other.

US-China tension.

On the issue of Taiwan, the situation between the two is so bad that America has made it clear that if China attacks Taiwan, America will also respond.

This statement from the US has made the situation very tense. Apart from this, the situation between the two is also very bad on the issue of Uighurs of Xinjiang, the One China Policy, and trade issues.

Now China and America have come face to face with the Solomon Islands. China has an agreement with the government here. It is believed that China wants to build its naval base on this island.

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