Are You Also Confused To Differentiate Between Jaguar And Leopard, Know The Difference In Detail

Are you also confused to differentiate between jaguar and leopard, know in detail what is the difference between these two.

All kinds of animals are found all over the world. Some are very dangerous and some are very cute. At the same time, there are some animals that look alike despite being different.

It is not easy to differentiate between such animals. Like leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, and tigers, there is a very fine difference between these animals.

Are you also confused about to differentiate between jaguar and leopard: It is almost impossible for the general public to identify these if you do not know about their difference.

So let us explain to you the difference between these two –


Before telling you about the leopard, know that this species is on the verge of extinction from the world. There are now only five species of the Panthera family.

It has been included in the Red List by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Leopard has soft and thick fur on its body ranging in color from light yellow to dark golden.

Apart from this, flower-shaped spots are also seen on their body. These are carnivorous creatures and have the ability to make any wildlife up to 40 kg their prey.

Leopard has a specialty that they remain limited in their area. To warn other leopards, they make some sign in their own territory, which includes the smell of excrement and urine and scratches made on trees.

The spots made on the body of leopards are called ‘Rosettes’. Behind this is the shape of these spots, which are flowers. Also, some leopards are also black.

Leopards are very agile and that is the reason why they can easily climb the mountain. Apart from this, they also rest by climbing trees.

Leopards hunt a wide variety of prey, including deer, fish, insects, monkeys, and much other wildlife. Apart from this, leopards also prey on crocodiles.

Whereas the female leopard can breed at any time of the year. Along with this, it gives birth to two or three cubs every time.


Leopard-like jaguars are members of the big cat species. Let us tell you that it is the third largest cat species in America, which weighs up to 158 kg.

Furthermore, it can grow up to 1.85 m. Jaguars have fur coats on their bodies, which are light yellow in addition to brown.

Their whole body is covered with round spots that look like flowers. However, these spots are slightly different from leopard and cheetah.

Jaguar is known for its powerful strike. Its teeth are so sharp and it can bite anything with such power.

Jaguars have much larger heads than leopards. There is a black dot in the middle of the spots made on it.

Jaguar like water very much and it also swims in water. Apart from this, they also like to live in wet places.

Jaguar’s voice is very husky and it sometimes sounds like a saw.

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