Misinformation Against PM Modi In BBC Documentary, Online Petition Demands Independent Investigation In BBC Documentary

Misinformation against PM Modi in BBC documentary, UK petition demands an independent investigation.

There is a lot of ruckus in the country these days over the documentary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Now an online petition has called for an independent inquiry into the BBC`s breach of its duties as a public broadcaster in the UK over the controversial documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which went online on Sunday night.

BBC giving wrong information to viewers.

The petition labeled ‘India: The Modi Question’, the first part of which aired last week and the second is scheduled to air on Tuesday, is sinister propaganda journalism that deliberately misinforms its audience.

It read, “We strongly condemn the BBC for failing to fulfill the best requirements of editorial objectivity in its two-element documentary `India: The Modi Question’.”

“We name on the BBC board to behavior an impartial inquiry into this extreme breach of its responsibilities as a public provider broadcaster and to put up the findings in full.

As part of the justification for the latest move, the organizers of the petition claim that The documentary is an example of agenda-driven reporting and institutional bias.

Misinformation against PM Modi in BBC documentary: BBC condemned for running malicious agenda.

The petition states that the documentary inexplicably comes at a time when the Supreme Court of India, after a lengthy investigation and due process, has completely exonerated Prime Minister Modi of the same charges of complicity in the 2002 riots, which the BBC now wants to pick up after more than two decades.

Many of the signatories to the petition express similar sentiments, calling it outright propaganda and condemning the BBC for running a malicious agenda.

Lord Rami Ranger, one of the British Indian signatories writes BBC is creating a false narrative against the twice democratically elected prime minister of the world’s largest democracy.

This comes after the Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB) wrote a letter to BBC News CEO Deborah Turnus remaining week to whinge in opposition to the broadcaster`s anti-Hindu bias.

This absurd and misleading presentation and hate speech against Hindus can be used as a weapon against Hindus. Is the BBC not to blame?

This follows strong criticism of the program by the Indian government for not being fair enough.

The BBC, on the other hand, championed the documentary as research conducted to the highest editorial standards.


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