Argentina’s Last World Cup Qualifying Match Will Be Held In Peru

Argentina’s last World Cup qualifying match will be held in Peru itself.

Despite the political crisis in Peru, Argentina’s last World Cup qualifying match will be played in Lima on Tuesday. Argentina also had to cancel their practice session.

The country’s football administration, however, assured the South American Football Federation and FIFA on Monday that the match would go according to schedule.

All teams in the South American group will play in this round of qualifiers.

Brazil will face Uruguay, Ecuador against Colombia, Venezuela from Chile, and Paraguay against Bolivia. The top four teams will qualify for the 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar.

16 corona positive in the fresh test during EPL

London, Ep. In the latest round of coronavirus test by the English Premier League (EPL) players and support staff, 16 people have been found positive.

The figure is the highest in a week since football was reinstated in June. The league said 1207 players and club staff were investigated between November 9 and 15.

Suarez and Munoz Corona positive

Montevideo (Uruguay), Ep. Luis Suarez of Uruguay and goalkeeper Rodrigo Munoz have been found positive in the Coronavirus investigation.

The Uruguay Football Association gave this information. National team staffer Matias Faral has also been found positive.

Likes Offensive Football: Lobera

New Delhi Mumbai City FC chief manager S Gio Lobera advocates aggressive football but wants his team to balance being aggressive and defensive in the upcoming Indian Super League (ISL).

Lobera said in a virtual press conference ahead of the ISL that starts on Friday, ‘As a manager, I want to take care of both football and supporters.

They should be enjoyed during the 90-minute match. Therefore it is very important to play aggressive football. Surely we need to balance.

In football, it is not possible to attack only. You have to balance being aggressive and defensive.

Our playing style is very important for Mumbai City. It is not just about winning, but it is important to win by playing beautiful football.

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