BMW iX xDrive50: Price, Features, And Range Revealed | Electric SUV Launch

BMW iX xDrive50: Price, Features, and Range Revealed | Electric SUV Launch.

Discover the latest BMW iX xDrive50 electric SUV, boasting cutting-edge features, safety enhancements, and an impressive range. Learn more about its price and specifications here.

BMW launches new electric iX xDrive50, know the price and features.

New electric vehicles are being launched continuously by vehicle manufacturers in India. In this sequence, the new electric SUV iX xDrive50 has been launched by BMW.

In this news, we are telling you at what price this vehicle has been launched by the company. We are also giving you information about what kind of features are provided in it.

BMW launches iX xDrive50.

The iX xDrive50 electric vehicle has been officially launched by BMW. Along with many great features, safety features have also been provided in this vehicle by the company.

What are the Features?

The interior of the iX xDrive50 launched by BMW has been designed in such a way that the passenger can get maximum comfort.

The company has designed its interior keeping in mind the comfort provided like a lounge.

Along with this, it has a panorama glass roof, active seat ventilation, ambient light, massaging seats with multi-way electric adjustment, leather upholstery, new and 22-inch light alloy wheels, frameless windows, air suspension, LED headlights, and keyless access.

Features like four-zone auto AC, 12.3-inch instrument display, 14.9-inch curved display, navigation with 3D map, and an audio system with 18 speakers from Harman Kardon are available.

How Much is Safe?

The company has included Reversing Assistant, Parking Assistance Plus, 360 Degree Camera, ABS, Brake Assist, Dynamic Braking Light, DSC, TPMS, Blind Spot Assistant, Lane Change Warning, Lane Change Assist, Stop and Go with Active Cruise Control in this electric SUV.

Safety features like function, pedestrian protection, etc. have been provided.

What is the Range?

In BMW’s new electric SUV, the company has provided a battery pack with a capacity of 111.5 kWh. Which gives a WLTP range of 635 kilometers.

The SUV can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in just 35 minutes with a 195 kW DC charger. After which it can be driven up to 145 kilometers.

The motor installed in it provides 523 horsepower and 765 Newton meter torque. Due to this a speed of zero to 100 km can be achieved in 4.6 seconds.

How much is the Price?

The company has launched this new electric vehicle BMW at an ex-showroom price of Rs 1.39 crore.


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