Bomb Reported In Iran’s Passenger Plane Going To China

Bomb reported on Iran’s passenger plane, and landing permission was not given in Delhi-Jaipur.

Bomb news in a plane going from Tehran to China, landing not allowed in Delhi-Jaipur, flight moved towards China

Police have received a call about a bomb being planted on a flight from Tehran to China. This call came at 9.20. Currently, the flight has been diverted.

It is being told that the flight has been diverted for an emergency landing in Jaipur. Air Traffic Control (ATC) got this information from the flight. After which this information was given to all the agencies.

At present, no information has been received about where this flight is now. Delhi Fire Department has also received information about this.

Delhi Police and other agencies have also started investigating the matter. After getting this information, all the security agencies have been warned.

Whereas the news coming from Jaipur said that the foreign flight had sought permission for an emergency landing after the bomb was reported on the flight going from Tehran to China.

But Plane has not been allowed to make an emergency landing in Jaipur. Along with this, permission for an emergency landing has also been sought from Delhi ATS.

It is being told that the threat of the bomb has not been officially confirmed. With this, now information has been received about diverting the route of the flight towards Delhi.

Whereas the news agency said that a “bomb threat” has been received in an Iranian passenger jet in Indian airspace. This plane is going to China.

After this, the Indian Air Force was alerted and many IAF jets have taken off. The passenger jet is now heading toward China. Security agencies are monitoring the aircraft.

Sources were quoted as saying that Mahan Air had contacted ATC of Delhi airport on its way from Tehran in Iran to Guangzhou in China.

The airline had received bomb threats to make an immediate landing in Delhi. Delhi ATC suggested the plane go to Jaipur but the pilot of the plane refused and left Indian airspace.

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