China Surrounds Taiwan With Naval And Military Aircraft: Rising Tensions And Gray Zone Strategy

China Surrounds Taiwan with Naval and Military Aircraft: Rising Tensions and Gray Zone Strategy.

China Surrounds Taiwan: China escalates its gray zone strategy around Taiwan, deploying six naval ships, military aircraft, and coast guard vessels.

Taiwan responds with defensive measures as tensions heighten in the region. China is trying to surround Taiwan from all sides and sent six naval ships and military aircraft near the border.

The tension between China and Taiwan is not reducing. Once again six Chinese military aircraft, six naval ships, and four coast guard ships were seen near the Taiwan border.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has given this information.

Chinese drone was seen.

According to MND, a Chinese drone was seen in the southwest corner of Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), while a PLA helicopter was tracked in the southeast ADIZ.

According to media reports, Taiwan deployed aircraft, naval ships, and air defense missile systems to monitor China’s activity in response.

Use of gray zone strategy.

In addition, tensions between China and Taiwan have remained constant since Lai Ching was sworn in as the new President of Taiwan. China has increased the gray zone strategy by increasing the number of military aircraft and naval ships operating around Taiwan since September 2020.

Grey zone war strategy is a method by which the enemy is gradually weakened. According to the grey zone strategy, no country directly attacks, but always maintains a kind of fear.


China opposed India.

Taiwan has tracked 54 military aircraft and 62 naval ships of China so far this month.

On the other hand, after the NDA’s victory in the Lok Sabha elections, the President of Taiwan congratulated Narendra Modi. Now China has objected to the post.

During this, the spokesperson of Beijing’s Foreign Office asked India to be cautious of Taiwan’s political moves. Also reminded India of New Delhi’s commitment to the One-China policy.


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