Nvidia Surpasses Apple To Become World’s Second Largest Company With $3.01 Trillion Market Cap

Nvidia Surpasses Apple to Become World’s Second Largest Company with $3.01 Trillion Market Cap.

Nvidia has overtaken Apple to become the world’s second-largest company as its market capitalization soars past $3.01 trillion.

Discover the details of Nvidia’s impressive stock performance and its impact on CEO Jensen Huang’s net worth.

Nvidia became the world’s second-largest company, leaving Apple behind, M-Cap crossed 3 trillion dollars.

There has been a reshuffle in the world’s largest companies once again. Now Semiconductor Chip manufacturing company Nvidia has become the world’s second-largest company.

Earlier, iPhone manufacturing company Apple was in a position of the world’s second-largest company.

On Wednesday, there was a rise in the shares of the company., after which there was a huge jump in the market cap of the company.

If we talk about the company’s stock, on Wednesday, Nvidia Corp’s stock closed at $ 1,224.40 (about Rs 1,86,958) with a rise of $ 60.03 or 5.16 percent.

After the rise in the stock, the market cap of Nvidia Corp. rose to $ 3.01 trillion (about Rs 251 lakh crore).

At the same time, the market capitalization of Apple, the iPhone maker, is $3 trillion. Apple’s stock closed at $195.87 on Wednesday.

Nvidia: Performance of stock.

Nvidia’s stock gave a return of 6.93 percent in the last 5 trading sessions. At the same time, the company’s stock gave a return of 169.08 percent in 6 months.

So far in the year 2024, Nvidia’s stock has gained 154.19 percent. If we talk about the last 1 year, then Nvidia’s stock gave a positive return of 216.76 percent.

After the rise in Nvidia’s stock, the net worth of Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has also increased. Jensen Huang’s net worth increased by more than $ 5 billion. Now his net worth has become $ 107.4 billion.

Nvidia had moved ahead of Apple in the year 2002 too.

Nvidia’s market capitalization had moved ahead of Apple in the year 2002 too. That year, the difference between the market cap of these two companies was less than Rs 83,000 crore.

In the year 2007, Apple launched the first iPhone. After the launch of the iPhone, Apple’s market capitalization increased rapidly.

About Company.

Nvidia manufactures semiconductor chips. It is the world’s largest semiconductor firm. NVIDIA has four engineering development centers in India.

Nvidia works in the technology sector. This company is known worldwide for the design and manufacturing of graphics processing units (GPUs).

The company was founded in the year 1993 by Jensen Huang, Curtis Priem, and Chris Malachowski. Its headquarters is in Santa Clara, California.

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