Risk Of Infection Increases,People Gathered In Public Places

Risk of infection increases, Crowds of people gathered in public places on holiday yesterday. Despite the fear of the corona, crowds at places of worship, tourist sites, and butcher shops were high as it was a holiday.

As Sunday is a holiday, the fish, goat, and poultry shops in Chennai are crowded. Large crowds were seen in various parts of Tamil Nadu. Thus there is a risk of spreading the infection more.


Many people from the outlying districts and outlying areas have started coming to the Rameswaram Ramanathaswamy Temple as various relaxations have been given in the Corona curfew. So there is a long queue. Bathing is prohibited in the temple wells and on the fire beach.

Thousands visit the Palani Temple

Thousands of devotees flocked to the Palani Dandayuthapani Temple to witness the Sami darshan following the individual break. As the children under the age of 10 were denied admission, many of the parents who had come with the children had to go one by one and perform Sami darshan.

Thousands of people from the outlying districts and outlying states have flocked to the Velankanni Velankanni Cathedral since Sunday, as permission has been granted to foreign devotees since the last 9th.

Thus, crowds of devotees flocked to places including the shopping street and the beach. Police removed those who bathed in the sea without wearing face masks and observing personal intervals.

Increase in the number of people coming to Mamallapuram

Tourist sites in Mamallapuram, including Arjunan Tapasu, Grade Five, are not yet open. However, many people are starting to come to spend the holidays. They visited the ancient monuments as they stood outside the wire fences.


Only tourists with e-pass are allowed in Yercaud, Salem District. Cars and two-wheelers without an e-pass were stopped at a checkpoint in the foothills and sent back by police.

People interested in buying fish in the port of Kasimeddu

As Sunday is a holiday, the fish, goat, and poultry shops in Chennai are crowded. Many people who had gathered at the port of Kasimedu to buy fish since morning were not wearing masks. In Rayapettai, chicken which was sold for 250 rupees was cheaper for 200 rupees and mutton for 1000 rupees was cheaper by 750 rupees.


In Salem, people who did not observe personal breaks went to buy meat without even wearing a mask. There is a risk of infection due to not wearing a helmet.

As the curfew is relaxed, there is a constant awareness that people should adhere to the social gap and not travel unnecessarily without thinking that the spread of infection has decreased.

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