Communal Tension In Britain: Attacks On Indians

Communal tension in Britain: Attacks on Indians and sabotage in religious places, India strongly condemns.

The Indian High Commission has condemned the violence against the Indian community in Leicester. The High Commission has demanded immediate strict action against the attackers.

The Indian High Commission issued a statement in London on Monday saying that it has spoken to the British administration in this regard.

The period of violence in Leicester started on 28 August. On that day, India defeated Pakistan in the Asia Cup T20.

It said in this statement- We condemn the attack on the Indian community in Leicester, the vandalism of the religious premises of Hinduism, and the dismantling of symbols.

We have raised this matter prominently with the UK authorities and have called for immediate strong action against those involved in these attacks.

We have also urged the authorities to provide proper security to the victims of this attack.

The violence started from the Indo-Pak match.

It is worth noting that the period of violence in Leicester started on August 28 last month, when India defeated Pakistan in the Asia Cup T20 match.

Police said that on September 18 again, two groups of youth clashed in Leicester in this connection.

So far 15 people have been arrested in this case. Many videos of this violence have been shared on social media.

It is visible in these that people associated with the Pakistani organization are vandalizing the religious places of Hindus in Leicester and terrorizing them.

Due to this, violence has started in the eastern part of the city, and law and the order have deteriorated.

The officer said this thing.

After reports of violence on 17 September also, Leicestershire Police’s Temporary Chief Constable Rob Nixon released a video on Twitter.

He said – We received several reports of law and order breakdowns on Saturday night on 17 September. Our officers reached there.

We are getting the situation under control. Additional police officers are also reaching there to handle the situation.

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