Drone Attack In Iran: Iran Blames Israel For The Drone Attack, Threatens To Retaliate

Drone Attack In Iran: Iran blames Israel for the drone attack, and threatens to retaliate.

Iran on Thursday blamed Israel for the drone attack. Let us tell you that on Saturday, Iran’s defense base in the central city of Isfahan was targeted.

Iran’s mission to the United Nations blamed Israel for the attack in a letter published on its website. Along with this, the letter warned that it has a legitimate right to retaliate.

What was said in the letter?

“Preliminary investigations show that the Israeli regime is responsible for this attack,” the letter, signed by Iranian Ambassador Amir Said Irvani, said.

However, it has not yet been disclosed in the letter on the basis of which evidence Iran has been suspected.

Drone Attack In Iran: Israeli officials denied it.

On the other hand, Israeli officials have refused to comment on it.

Although Israel has previously carried out several attacks targeting Iran’s nuclear program and other sites, the nuclear deal with world powers was signed in 2015.

Details about the attack.

The Isfahan attack, which took place around 11.30 pm on Saturday, is still in bad shape days after the attack.

A Defense Ministry statement said three drones were launched at the center, two of which were successfully shot down.

“Somehow, a third drone crashed into the building causing minor damage to the roof and no one was injured,” the ministry said.

Drone armed with bombers.

Iran’s official IRNA news agency later described the drones as being equipped with bombers. These quadcopters are usually operated by remote control from short ranges.

Iranian state television later broadcast footage of the wreckage from a drone, similar to a commercially available quadcopter.

Russia-Ukraine War: Russia fired missiles into eastern Ukraine, and three people died in the attack; many apartments were destroyed.

Russia launched several missile attacks on a city in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday night. The city was badly damaged in these attacks.

The Russian missile completely destroyed one apartment and partially damaged nine. At the same time, at least three people died in these attacks.

The Ukrainian police force said the apartment in the city of Kramatorsk was hit by an Iskander-K tactical missile at 9:45 p.m. local time.

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