Encounter In Bulandshahr: Nadeem Kala Arrested

Encounter in Bulandshahr: Vicious criminal Nadeem Kala was arrested in an encounter with police, many cases are registered.

In Bulandshahr, in an encounter with the vicious criminal Nadeem Kala of Gulavathi Kotwali police on Saturday morning, he was injured after the miscreant was shot in the leg.

He has been admitted to the government hospital? A soldier was also injured when he fell while trying to save himself.

Police have recovered a stolen gun, a pistol, and several live and shell cartridges from a guard two days ago. More than half a dozen cases are registered against the crook Nadeem.

Police interrupted after seeing suspicious.

Kotwali in charge of Inspector Dharmendra Singh Rathore said that the police got information that a suspicious youth was going towards a mango orchard on Akbarpur Jhonjha road.

As soon as the police reached the spot, the vicious miscreant started firing on the police. The policemen also retaliated and laid siege and arrested the vicious miscreant after the encounter.

The vicious criminal Nadeem lives in Kala’s gulavathi and was going to hide the stolen gun from Khala’s house in the garden.

Constable was also injured.

The name of the vicious crook is Nadeem Kala’s son Salim resident of Kotwali countryside Hapur. Who was presently carrying out the crimes by living in Bisa Colony of Bulandshahr.

Constable Manoj Dixit got injured in a fall while trying to avoid the bullet coming from the front.

Police have recovered one single barrel gun, one pistol, seven live cartridges, and five shell cartridges, two mobile phones, etc. from the possession of vicious crook Nadeem Kala.

Many cases registered.

SSP Santosh Kumar Singh said that Nadeem Kala is a vicious type of crook, on whom more than half a dozen robbery, theft, and other serious cases are registered in different police station areas of the district.

He told that two days ago the licensed gun of Umashankar Sharma, son of Harishankar Sharma, resident of Tatarpur, was stolen from the security guard working in Ajay Engineering Works located in Bulandshahr.

The report of which was lodged in the Kotwali Dehat police station. The stolen license gun has been recovered from the possession of vicious crook Nadeem Kala.

Leaving his area commits crimes in Bulandshahr.

SSP Santosh Kumar Singh said that Nadeem Kala is a vicious type of crook who hails from Hapur and commits crimes in Bulandshahr, leaving his district and committing serious incidents like robbery in the neighboring district.

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