Former Officers Screwed Up For Terrorist Attacks In Sri Lanka

Former officers screwed up for terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, two former security officers will also be tried for criminal involvement in the serial blasts on Easter Sunday in 2019.

The Sri Lankan Attorney General has charged both former officers with 800 charges. It is said that 270 people were killed and about 500 injured in the blasts due to their negligence. 11 Indians were among the dead.

The charge sheet of the case has been filed by Attorney General Dapula de Livera in the Colombo High Court. In this, both the former officers – Hemasiri Fernando and Pujit Jayasundara are named.

Fernando was in the Ministry of Defense and Jayasundara Police Chief at the time of the incident. In the charge sheet, both the former officers are accused of ignoring the intelligence report about the terror attack.

Due to the negligence of these two, adequate security arrangements were not made in the churches and major sites. Due to this, the country suffered a great loss of life.

In the incident, nine suicide bombers belonging to the Sri Lankan Islamic Extremist Organization National Tawheed Jamaat (NTJ) had exploded in three churches and several luxury hotels.

A subsequent investigation found the NTJ’s relationship with the international terrorist organization IS.

A special committee constituted by the President has recently recommended criminal prosecution of both the officials – Fernando, Jayasundara, and several senior security officers and then President Maithripal Sirisena.

A three-member bench of judges in the High Court will hear the charges of murder and attempt to murder on Fernando and Jayasundra.

The investigative team that Sirisena had set up after the incident also blamed him for being negligent as the defense minister. The then President Sirisena also had the charge of the Minister of Defense at that time.

Fernando and Jayasundara were later arrested on Sirisena’s orders. Both former officers had been in jail for several months before being released on bail.

Recently, the investigation report made public also revealed the proximity of former Muslim minister Rishad Vaidiuddin to suicide bombers. This Muslim leader and his brother have been arrested.

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