Former Pentagon Official Criticizes Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s Allegations Against India

Former Pentagon official criticizes Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s allegations against India.

Why did a former Pentagon official accuse Canadian PM Justin Trudeau of making a big mistake by blaming India for a Khalistani extremist’s murder? Get insights into this controversy

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has made a big mistake’ Why did the former Pentagon official say this?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has come under attack not only from the country but also from foreign leaders for blaming India for the murder of Khalistani extremist Harjeet Singh Nijjar.

Now a former US official said that Trudeau has made a big mistake.

‘Trudeau will not be able to prove his allegations himself.

Former Pentagon official Michael Rubin said that Canadian PM Trudeau has made a big mistake by alleging that India has links with the killing of Khalistan terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

He said that the Prime Minister himself is incapable of proving his allegations.

‘PM Trudeau has made a big mistake.

Michael Rubin said that I think PM Trudeau has made a big mistake. He himself will not be able to provide proof of the allegations he has made.

They have no evidence to prove the allegations made against the Government of India.

Taking aim at Trudeau, the former Pentagon official said that he will have to explain why his government is giving shelter to a terrorist.

He said the above when asked about his views on the Canadian PM’s allegations against the Indian government.

It is noteworthy that on Monday (September 18), Trudeau accused the Indian government of being behind the murder of Nijjar inside the Canadian Parliament.

“Hindus have contributed greatly to Canada,” Pannu was told the truth by the opposition leader, who also gave Trudeau a look in the mirror.

India-Canada Tensions: After the murder of Khalistani extremist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, tensions have arisen in the relations between India and Canada.

Meanwhile, a video threatening Hindus in Canada and asking them to leave the country went viral, due to which the atmosphere has once again heated up.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing opposition from the ruling party as well as opposition leaders on this issue.

Trudeau lagging behind in popularity survey.

The head of Canada’s opposition Conservative Party is Pierre Poilievre. In a survey, he has left PM Justin Trudeau behind in terms of popularity.

Poilievre was liked by 40 percent of people in the survey for the post of Prime Minister, while only 31 percent of people supported Trudeau.

Poilievre also praised his contribution while condemning the comments on Hindus.

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