Trudeau’s Unsubstantiated Accusations: No Proof in Nijjar Case

Trudeau’s unsubstantiated accusations: No proof in Nijjar case.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s allegations against India in the Hardeep Nijjar case remain unsupported. Explore the lack of evidence and international implications in this controversial situation

Trudeau trapped in his own trap, the Canadian government failed to present evidence in the Najjar case despite claiming to have it

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has failed to prove his allegations of India’s involvement in the death of Khalistani activist Hardeep Nijjar.

The Canadian government has no evidence to confirm the allegations. Despite this, a Canada-based news platform has claimed that Canada has gathered human and signal intelligence in the investigation.

Claims of information received from Indian diplomats in Canada.

According to news agency quoting sources, claimed that the intelligence gathered by the Canadian government also included conversations with Indian diplomats in Canada.

It has also been claimed that some Indian officials have also claimed to be personal intelligence experts.

In fact, recently Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has alleged that India is behind the murder of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. New Delhi has rejected these allegations outright and called them absurd.

Trudeau’s unsubstantiated accusations: No proof was given to help the claims.

However, in his press conference in New York on Thursday, the Canadian Prime Minister was not able to present a single evidence to support his claims.

Trudeau was asked many different questions regarding the allegations, but he reiterated only one thing India was linked to Nijjar’s death.

India flatly rejects Trudeau’s allegations.

“There are solid motivations to accept that specialists of the Public authority of India were engaged with the homicide of a Canadian on Canadian soil,” Trudeau said.

Trudeau said, “We approach the Indian government to treat this matter in a serious way and work with us to bring full straightforwardness and guarantee responsibility and equity for this situation.”

According to the Canadian News Agency, the Canadian government has gathered both human and signal intelligence in a months-long investigation into Nijjar’s death.

That intelligence also includes communications related to Indian diplomats present in Canada.

Claim of involvement of other intelligence agencies.

According to the news, the intelligence did not come solely from Canada and some was also provided by an unnamed partner in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada).

In connection with the case, several Canadian officials have gone to India to seek cooperation in the investigation into the death of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the report said.

Canada’s National Security and Intelligence Advisor visits India.

Canada’s National Security and Intelligence Advisor Jody Thomas visited India for over four days in August and had another five-day visit in the same month.

That last visit overlapped with a meeting between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, News Agency reported.

No particular data is connected with Canada.

In any case, the Unfamiliar Service said on Thursday that no data has been shared by Canada with respect to the killing of Najjar.

“We will investigate a particular data given to us, however at this point we have not gotten a particular data from Canada,” Outer Undertakings Service representative Arindam Bagchi said during an instruction.

Politically persuaded charges.

Bagchi said, “On our part, explicit proof in regards to crimes by people situated on Canadian soil has been imparted to Canada, yet has not been followed up on.”

“We feel that these claims by the Public authority of Canada are the primary Are plainly politically roused.”

It is noteworthy that Hardeep Nijjar, a designated terrorist in India, was shot dead outside a Gurudwara in Surrey, British Columbia on June 18.

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