Heavy fire In Hiranagar And Naushehra Sector

Heavy fire in Hiranagar and Naushehra sector, India’s tough response. Pakistan is not deterring its nefarious antics. On Wednesday night, Pakistani troops opened heavy fire in the Kalal, Lam, and Jhangad sectors of Upazila Naushara in Rajouri district after shelling in the Hiranagar sector of Kathua district on the international border overnight.

India also responded strongly to this. Under the cover of shelling, the Pak Army is trying to get a group of terrorists into Indian territory, which the vigilant soldiers are not allowing to succeed.

According to the information, late in the evening the Pak Army suddenly opened fire in Indian territory. The Pak Army first targeted the forward posts of the army and after that started firing mortars on the residential areas. The Indian Army also took stern retaliation.

Despite this, the Pakistan Army has continued shelling. According to sources, under the cover of shelling, the Pakistan Army was trying to get a group of militants into Indian territory, which was thwarted by the army.

No damage is reported at the border due to the shelling of the Pak Army, but there is an atmosphere of panic among the people living in the border areas.

Shelling in Hiranagar:

After nearly three weeks of silence, Pakistani rangers opened fire again on Wednesday night from their Pappu Chakka and Karol Panga post between the village Karol Matharia and Chak Changa of Hiranagar sector, which started at 11 am on Thursday morning at half-past five in the morning.

Continued till BSF also responded to this. Pak Rangers have resumed firing to disrupt the construction work on the border. Thwarting Pakistan’s conspiracies from across the border, border security forces chased down two Pakistan drones in the Kanhachak sector of Jammu on Wednesday night.

After this, a large-scale campaign was carried out on Thursday morning to check the areas adjacent to the international border. According to sources, the Border Security Force noticed suspicious movements of two Pakistan drones near Panjatali and Bailey Ajmat in the forward area at around 7.30 pm on Wednesday.

After this, vigilant soldiers also tried to target the drone. But the drone, which remained in Indian territory for about ten minutes, went into Pakistani territory after the action.

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