Hindu Employees Returned To Jammu From Kashmir

Hindu employees returned to Jammu from Kashmir and expressed pain, and said – saw with their own eyes the scene of making heaven into hell.

Kashmir, the paradise of the earth, was converted into hell in the year 1990. At that time our relatives had somehow reached Jammu after saving their lives.

We were young then, so could not feel the situation. Now we have seen that scene with our own eyes. We have somehow reached Jammu by saving our lives.

This is the pain of those Hindu employees who are working in Kashmir under the Prime Minister’s package.

Frightened by the increasing cases of target killings in Kashmir, these employees are continuously reaching Jammu with their families.

After the murder of Rajni Bala of Samba, a large number of employees working in Kashmir continue to come to Jammu in large numbers.

The employees who had their own cars came to Jammu after loading the goods, then some reached by taxi. Most of the people who reached Jammu are staying at their relatives’ houses in Jagti of Nagrota.

Some do not even have a place to live in Jammu. In such a situation, these people have also taken shelter in the homes of relatives.

Satish Kaul, who reached Jammu from Kulgam, tells that he is a teacher and for ten years he was working in Kulgam district of Kashmir.

Now the situation in Kashmir has become very bad. Every Hindu employee is scared. He wants to save his life somehow.

Rajat Bhatt, working in the Revenue Department in Budgam, told that he has reached Jammu with great difficulty. His mother is diabetic.

After facing a lot of trouble, after arranging the car, he reached Jammu with the family.

Some forces in the valley do not want Hindus to stay there: Sohanji Bhatt, a teacher who returned to Jammu, took the family from Kashmir and reached the relative’s house in Purkhu.

Bhatt told that he and many Hindu employees like him were living there in rented houses. He has also been getting the support of the local people.

There are some forces that do not want Hindus to live in the Valley. That is why they are targeting Hindus. Bhatt said that if there is life then there is a world.

Now those people will not go back till the situation becomes normal. To whom will the government give security, terrorists come from anywhere and go away.

The heart was relieved by the safe return of the friend: Under the Prime Minister’s package, Kashmiri Hindu workers engaged in jobs in the Kashmir Valley are now slowly returning to Jammu.

Rajesh Kaul reached the first camp on Friday. He is a government employee in the Sheikhpora of the Valley.

As soon as he reached Jammu, he called his friend Sanjay Ganju and informed him about his return.

Sanjay said that since the last month, he had called his friend and his family several times, as the situation in the valley was not good.

That’s why the friend was worried. Now his return safely gives peace to the heart.

At the same time, Rakesh Dhar, living in Jammu, is happy because his cousins ​​Rahul Kaun and Sameer are coming to Jammu from Budgam camp on Saturday.

He told that since the situation in the valley is bad, our lives are also stuck.

At the same time, Lalita Pandita, a Kashmiri Hindu woman living in Jagti, said that many personnel working in the Valley returned to Jagti on Friday.

Many of his acquaintances will return on Saturday also.

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