ICC Changed Rules Suddenly, Team India Slips To Second Place

ICC changed rules suddenly, Team India slips to second place: World Test Championship.

The ICC (International Cricket Council) has changed the rules of the Test Championship. After this, there has been a strong change in the marks table.

Till Wednesday, the Australian team which was at number two is the first while the top-ranked Indian team has slipped to second place.

On Thursday, changes were made to the World Test Championship under a new rule because of coronavirus infection.

By the way, the Indian team currently has 360 points in the points table and is in the first place.

Australia has 296 points and is 64 points behind India but a new rule has been announced by the ICC to decide the number of Test Championship points.

After the implementation of this rule, the Indian team will reach second place while Australia will be in the first place.

Australia’s winning percentage better than India

Under the Test Championship, the Indian team has played a total of 4 Test series so far and the winning percentage of the team is 75 percent.

Talking about the Australian team, its winning percentage after playing 3 series is 82.22 percent. Accordingly, India is second and Australia is number one.

As of Wednesday, the Indian team was in the first place and Australia was in second place. 

Changes in the rule have had only the first and second place. The England team was also at number three earlier and still remains at the same position.

Similarly, New Zealand has a winning percentage of 50 and is at number four. At number five is Pakistan, whose winning percentage is 39.52.

It is followed by teams from Sri Lanka, West Indies, South Africa, and Bangladesh.

Because of this, the Indian bowler announced his retirement, revealed

Indian fast bowler Sudeep Tyagi recently announced his retirement from domestic cricket, including international cricket.

At that time nobody knew why Sudeep Tyagi has announced his retirement. However, he was not getting a chance in Indian cricket for a long time.

In such a situation, it was believed that he could retire from Indian cricket and play in a foreign T20 league. This is what has happened and because of this, he has retired.

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