India Expressed Concern Over Drone Attack In UN

India expressed concern over drone attacks in the UN and slams Pakistan for spreading false news.

India expressed concern at the United Nations (UN) on the misuse of information and communication technology for terrorist propaganda and radicalization.

It also drew the attention of UN member states to the use of armed drones for terrorist purposes and slammed Pakistan for spreading false news.

Speaking at the United Nations High-Level Conference of Heads of Counter-Terrorism Agencies.

VSK Kaumudi, Special Secretary (Internal Security), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said, “Being a low-cost option and readily available, drones are being used by terrorist groups.

It is being used for sinister purposes such as intelligence collection, delivery of weapons/explosives, and targeted attacks. It has become a threat and a challenge to security agencies across the world.

Kaumudi said the possibility of using armed drones for terrorist purposes against strategic and commercial assets requires serious attention from member states.

During this, he criticized the Pakistani delegation for making false statements and leveling baseless allegations against India.

What else can one expect from a delegation of such a country, which commits violence against its minorities, suffers from a sense of insecurity, and spreads hatred against India, he said.

Kaumudi also said that the 7th review of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy (CGTS) has been completed and the false narrative of Pakistan has been rejected by the members of the United Nations.

He said the international community should ask Pakistan to take effective, verifiable action against terrorist organizations operating in its territory.

The Special Secretary, MHA also highlighted how the Internet and social media platforms have become a resource for global terrorist groups to spread terror propaganda.

Pakistan’s Imran Khan government is now fighting its own provinces to divert attention from the failures.

The Imran Khan government of Pakistan has started adopting a new tactic to mislead the public.

The Pakistani government, which has been constantly eating its mouth on national and international issues, has started the work of getting people to fight by creating disputes in their own provinces to divert attention.

The recent controversy pertains to the organization of the Shandur Polo Festival-2021. Tension has arisen among the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan.

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