India Remains World’s Largest Emerging Power Despite Corona

India remains world’s largest emerging power despite Corona tragedy: report. The second wave of Corona in India has caused a lot of havoc.

Every day increasing cases of Corona have raised the concerns of the country. Meanwhile, there has been a report about India, in which a positive aspect has been revealed about crisis-ridden India.

A report published in Saudi Arabia stated that despite Corona’s terrible tragedy, India still remains the world’s most emerging power.

The report published in the Saudi daily states that despite the loss caused by a record increase in COVID-19 cases,.

India remains the largest and growing force on the planet and has many fundamental forces that make it one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Rejecting critics of India dealing with the Corona epidemic, US foreign policy expert Dr. John C Halsman said in an Interview for Arab News that India’s political power structure is stable.

He said that both Narendra Modi and BJP are politically stable It is natural in the way that other developing countries can only envy India.

India has felt pressure on its health structure due to the high rise in cases of coronavirus and later it has been reprimanded by some sections of Western media for this.

In his report, Halsman has argued that the analytical threat by critics is looking at India’s tragic problems today, but they are not eyeing the permanent changes beneath the surface that will make it the largest growing power in the world.

IMF considered in balance of payments data – FDI in India is good and ranking is also good.

Despite the COVID-19 epidemic, a two-month-long lockdown, and a large GDP contraction in 2020, the inflow of foreign capital into India remained surprisingly resilient.

IMF’s balance of payments data for the calendar year (CY) 2020 shows that India received nearly $ 80 billion in FDI and foreign portfolio investment (FPI) flows, which is behind China but Russia. , Exceeds Brazil and South Africa.

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