India Said In UNHRC, ‘Pakistan Does Not Care Democratic Values’

India said in UNHRC, ‘Pakistan does not care about democratic values’. India on Thursday lashed out at Pakistan at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Describing Pakistan as a failed country, exercising its right to reply, India said that it does not care about democratic values ​​and culture. Pak’s insidious character is easily understandable. On one side,  talks about peace, and on the other side,  is in connivance with the terrorists.

In a stern response to Pakistan’s baseless statement on the UN Human Rights Council, First Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs, Salary Aryan said that it is very unfortunate to see Pakistan unnecessarily harping on India’s internal affairs and issues outside the purview of the Council.

Aryan said that Pakistan does such acts to divert the attention of international fraternity from serious cases of human rights violations here and in the occupied areas of India. Pakistan is the axis of global terrorism.

Pak is a strong proponent of establishing dominance and culture of a single community. Pakistan defies all treaties and declarations relating to human rights. Pakistan is not only a threat to the religious and ethnic minorities of our country but is also suppressing those who believe in different religions in the occupied areas.

If the world community does not stop its antics, it will also become a serious challenge to international peace and harmony. Pakistan’s government acts with malicious intent. His attitude is completely contrary to the principles and objectives for which we are engaged in this temple of human rights.

In this era of the Corona epidemic, while we are all using masks to protect humanity, Pakistan is also trying to become a champion of human rights by using a trick mask. Its purpose behind this is to cover the oppression cycle going on against the minorities in our country.

The Indian representative said that the Pakistani government pretends to speak in favor of humanity on the one hand, while putting full force in state-sponsored terrorism across the border to target innocent people. Pakistan has launched a similar war against my country to hunt innocent people.

It is high time that the international fraternity and the United Nations Human Rights Council should take steps to deal with the challenge presented by a failed country like Pakistan. A country that does not care about democratic values ​​should not preach to a democratic country like India.

The only advice I can give them is to focus on preventing human rights abuses in our country instead of wasting their time and resources here. There are thousands of people like Rubina and her husband who are not even able to follow their religion.

He said that Pakistan wants to politicize this institution by hijacking the Council’s agenda which India strongly opposes and expects other members to do the same.

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