Indian China Border Issue: Indian Army Emerged Stronger

Indian China Border Issue: Indian Army emerged stronger, China’s attitude softened.

On this day (June 15, 2020) last year in Galwan, Eastern Ladakh, Indian soldiers taught an unforgettable lesson of the Chinese army.

The enthusiasm of the soldiers of the Indian Army, following in the footsteps of the martyrs of the 16 Bihar Regiment of the Indian Army, who taught a lesson to the Chinese army, is on the seventh sky.

Taking inspiration from the martyrs of Galwan, the soldiers of the Indian Army are standing to protect the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China.

On the completion of one year of the martyrdom of Galwan’s heroes, a program to be held in honor of the martyrs on Tuesday at the Galwan War Memorial in Eastern Ladakh will further strengthen the spirit of dying on the country of the Indian heroes standing in front of the enemy in difficult conditions.

On Tuesday, at the Galwan War Memorial near KM 120 post on the Durbuk-Shyok-Daulat Beg Oldi road in eastern Ladakh, the Army will salute 20 brave soldiers, including the commanding officer of the 16 Bihar Regiment.

The names of all those 20 martyrs are written on the war memorial, who created an unforgettable terror in the enemy camp by killing, driving away more than twice their Chinese soldiers.

Retired Army Major General Govardhan Singh Jamwal said that the Indian Army has now forced the enemy to soften its stand by becoming many times stronger than before to face the challenges of China in this area.

He says that since the confrontation with China in Galwan, the campaign to develop modern guns, tanks, modern surveillance equipment, and infrastructure in the army fleet continued.

The army was strengthened by transporting thousands of tonnes of equipment from the Advance Landing Ground near the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh, while a network of bridges, roads were also laid to deliver tanks, artillery.

Indian China Border Issue: China with nefarious intentions now has a stronger Indian Army and Air Force than ever before.

Roads are being laid: Meanwhile, the Border Roads Organization along with the Indian Army in Ladakh is also taking continuous action to meet future challenges.

In eastern Ladakh, the army is being laid a network of bridges and roads on rivers, streams along the Line of Actual Control.

At present, the work of widening it after constructing the Padam-Darcha road to reach Leh from Himachal is going on. Along with this, the work of the construction of the Zojila Tunnel is also in full swing.

Army ready to deal with Pak-China: Now China and Pakistan together are creating challenges in Ladakh. The two armies have also recently conducted joint warfare exercises.

In such a situation, the Northern Command of the Army is preparing to face two enemy countries in Ladakh. The Chief of the Army Staff and the Chief of the Air Force are making frequent visits here.

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