Indian Navy’s Successful Anti-Piracy Operation: 35 Somali Pirates Arrested In Red Sea

Indian Navy’s Successful Anti-Piracy Operation: 35 Somali Pirates Arrested in Red Sea.

Indian Navy’s successful action in the Red Sea resulted in the arrest of 35 Somali pirates who hijacked the cargo ship MV Rouen.

Learn about the anti-piracy efforts and the significant implications for maritime security.

Big operation of the Indian Navy in the Red Sea, 35 pirates from Somalia were arrested, had hijacked the ship 3 months ago.

The Indian Navy on Saturday brought back 35 Somali pirates to India and handed them over to Mumbai Police after 100 days of anti-piracy operations in the east of the Red Sea.

Indian Navy’s successful action: Indian Navy has arrested 35 pirates from a cargo ship hijacked by Somalian pirates.

The cargo ship MV Rouen was hijacked by Somalian pirates on December 14, 2023. The ship was about 1,400 nautical miles (2,600 kilometers) off the Indian coast when it was hijacked.

After which the national army, the largest in the Gulf of Aden and North Arabian Sea region, arrested the pirates from the cargo ship Rouen last week, three months after its hijacking off the Somali coast, and handed them over to Mumbai Police.

Taking advantage of Western troops’ attention on protecting Red Sea commerce from strikes by Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi insurgents, pirates have carried out or attempted over 20 hijackings since November, raising insurance and security costs.

The crisis has worsened for the global shipping industry. India’s navy said commercial traffic through the territory has halved since November.

With an increase in attacks and piracy by Houthi militants who claim solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza during Israel’s war against Hamas, because ships take a longer route around southern Africa.

Further action will be taken against the pirates caught by the Indian commandos as per the Anti-Piracy Act 2022.

Under this provision, one can also face life imprisonment. This law enables the navy to capture and arrest pirates on the high seas.

Navy chief Admiral R Hari Kumar, at a press conference to mark the 100th day of the operation, said Somalian pirates were using Rouen as their “mother ship” to launch attacks on other ships.

Meanwhile, the commandos have rescued all the 17 crew members.

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