Japan Made The World’s First Screening Test To Detect Pancreatic Cancer

Japan made the world’s first screening test to detect pancreatic cancer. Now worms will detect pancreatic cancer, Japan made the world’s first screening test.

Pancreatic Cancer: Scientists have created the world’s first early screening test for pancreatic cancer.

The special thing about this test is that very small insects will be used in it. These insects can identify tumors by smelling them.

According to the researchers, this test became available in Japan this month, and is 100 percent accurate in detecting cancer and can detect it in the early stages.

How does this test work?

For this, you will have to send a urine sample to the lab by post, which will be put on a plate filled with several worms. These insects are called nematodes, which are one millimeter long.

These insects are known for their acute sense of smell, which they use to find prey.

Scientists have modified insects so that they can directly detect pancreatic cancer. Research has shown that urine cancer tumors are detected better in this way than blood tests.

Tokyo-based Hirotsu Bio first launched the N-NOSE test in January 2020, which it claims can detect people at high risk of cancer.

Around 1.25 lakh people got tested, out of which 5 to 6 percent were found to be at high risk. People can directly buy the pancreas test kit, its cost is 505 dollars i.e. around 42 thousand rupees.

Kits will also come for other cancers.

Hirotsu initially focused on pancreatic cancer because it is difficult to diagnose and progresses rapidly. Also, there is no single test that can tell whether a person is suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Now this company will bring a similar test for liver, cervical, and breast cancer in the coming years.

What is pancreatic cancer?

Pancreatic cancer is considered the deadliest of all cancers. About 95 percent of people who suffer from it lose their lives. Pancreatic cancer occurs in an organ behind the lower abdomen (pancreas).

At the beginning of this cancer, symptoms like weight loss or abdominal pain are not visible.


What are the reasons for this?

It is caused due to abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in the pancreas. Let us tell you that the pancreas is a big gland of the digestive system.

Who are at increased risk?

90 percent of cases are seen in people over the age of 55. 50 percent of cases occur in people 75 and older. Whereas, 10 percent of cases are due to genetics.

Other causes include age, smoking, and diseases such as diabetes. 80% of pancreatic cancer patients suffer from some form of diabetes.

Why is it so deadly?

Most types of cancer can be managed in the early stages, but during this time there are no specific symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

By the time the patient starts feeling symptoms like abdominal pain and jaundice, the stage of cancer becomes third or fourth. By this level, most cancers have to unfold to different organs

What are the treatment options?

Removal of the pancreas is the only effective treatment for this cancer.

However, this method does not work for people whose cancer has spread to other organs. In such a case, efforts are made to reduce the pain of the patient.

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