Karambir Singh- Indian Navy Ready To Deal With China

Karambir Singh said – Indian Navy ready to deal with China and Corona. Naval Chief Admiral Karambir Singh said China’s efforts on the Line of Actual Control along with the Coronavirus is a double challenge.

The Navy is ready to face both of these challenges simultaneously.

On the role of the navy in the ongoing conflict with China, the navy chief said the naval activities were in close coordination and coordination with the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force.

Addressing a press conference on the eve of Navy Day, he said that the Navy has standard operating procedures to deal with China’s challenge in the Indian Ocean region.

Talking about the proposed maritime theater command, he said that work is going on on it and after some time its size will be revealed.

Admiral Karambir Singh said that the 2 Predator drones taken on lease are helping us to bridge the gap in our surveillance capability.

Because of this, our monitoring capacity has increased to 24 hours. He said that if the Army and Air Force feel the need for drones for the Northeast, then we can consider it.

He said that we have deployed P-8I aircraft at various locations as per the requirement of the Army and Indian Air Force. In addition, we have deployed heron surveillance drones on the northern borders.

The Navy chief said that currently, three Chinese warships are in the Indian Ocean region. Since 2008, China has retained three of its ships in the Ilkay for patrolling.

The Navy Chief said that the Indian Navy is procuring anti-drone equipment Smash-2000 to deal with drone strikes. He said that 30 Predator drones are continuing to be acquired for all three services and those drones will be more efficient.

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