Kerala And Karnataka Corana Cases Are Increasing At High Rate

Kerala and Karnataka Corona cases are increasing at a High Rate. One month later active cases less than nine lakhs, the infection did not stop in Kerala and Karnataka.

India’s position in the war against Corona is steadily strengthening. In a way where the number of new patients is decreasing, the number of patients recovering is increasing.

As a result, after one month the number of active cases in the country has come down to less than nine lakhs. Corona outbreaks are steadily increasing in Karnataka and Kerala. In Bengal, the figure of infected has gone up to 2.87 lakh with a record of 3,573 new cases.

The number of cured patients crosses 59 lakhs

According to the data released by the Union Health Ministry at 8 am on Friday, 70,496 new cases have been received, 78,365 patients were cured and 964 patients died during the last 24 hours.

With this, the total number of infected has reached 69.06 lakhs, the number of healthy patients is 59.06 lakhs and the number of dead is 1.06 lakhs. The recovery rate of patients has increased to 85.52 percent and mortality has come down to 1.54 percent.

11.68 Lakh Test on Tuesday

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), 11,68,705 samples were tested across the country on Tuesday. So far, 8.46 crore samples have been tested to detect infection.

There are 8.93 lakh active cases in the country, which is 12.94 percent of the total cases. Earlier, on September 9, 8.97 lakh active cases were registered. In this way, the number of patients recovered from active cases has exceeded 50 lakhs.

Expansion did not stop in Kerala-Karnataka

Corona outbreaks are steadily increasing in Karnataka and Kerala. There are 10,913 new cases in Karnataka and 9,250 new cases in Kerala and the number of infected in both these states has reached 6.90 lakh and 2.66 lakh respectively.

114 (total 9,789) patients have also died in Karnataka and 25 (955) in Kerala.

A total of 6.46 lakh cases have been reported in Tamil Nadu with 5,185 new cases, 7.44 lakh with 5,145 new cases in Andhra Pradesh, and 2.08 lakh in Telangana with 1,891 new cases. Tamil Nadu also has 68 deaths, 31 in Andhra Pradesh, and seven in Telangana.

Record 3,573 new cases in Bengal

Bengal has a total of 2.87 lakh infected with a record of 3,573 new cases. The death toll has also reached 5,501, with 62 new deaths.

In Uttar Pradesh, the number of infected and dead has increased to 4.30 lakh and 6,293 respectively, with 3,249 new cases and 48 deaths.

There have been 2860 new cases in Delhi, the capital of the country and the number of infected has reached 3.03 lakh. The death toll has also risen to 5,692 with 39 deaths.

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