Kerala Central University Issued Circular For Faculty Members

Kerala Central University asks faculty members, staff, to refrain from ‘anti-national’ remarks.

The Central University of Kerala in Kasaragod has issued a circular asking its faculty members and staff not to make provocative or ‘anti-national’ remarks or statements.

The circular also asked the faculty members and staff to refrain from making any provocative remarks or statements which are anti-national and would be against the interest of the nation.

In the circular issued by the Registrar of the Central University of Kerala, it has been said that strict disciplinary action will be taken against those involved in such activities in the future.

The circular was issued by the Central University of Kerala following a statement by an assistant professor of the university where he criticized a cultural organization and a political party in April and criticized the Centre’s COVID-19 vaccination policy during online classes.

Nipah test of 61 people who came in contact with 12-year-old child so far came negative: Kerala Health Minister.

Kerala Health Minister Veena George on Thursday said the test results of 61 people who came in close contact with a 12-year-old child who succumbed to Nipah have so far been negative.

In a press release, the minister said that the samples of 15 more persons in the contact list have come back negative. A total of 61 people who came in contact so far were tested, which is negative.

He also said that more samples will be tested during the day and at present, 64 persons have been kept under observation at Kozhikode Medical College and their health is stable.

The total number of those who tested negative stood at 46 till the evening of Wednesday.

The Union Health Ministry last week informed that a team from the Center has been sent to Kerala after a 12-year-old child died of Nipah virus infection in Kozhikode district.

The child’s samples were sent to the Pune National Institute of Virology, which confirmed the presence of the Nipah virus.

Some immediate public health measures have been advised by the Centre. The ministry said this includes keeping the suspect in isolation and collecting samples for laboratory testing.

The Nipah virus is spread through the saliva of bats. Kozhikode and Malappuram districts of Kerala also saw outbreaks of the Nipah virus in 2018.

An outbreak of Nipah Virus Disease (NIV) in South India was recorded in the Kozhikode district of Kerala on May 19, 2018. The state had witnessed 17 deaths and 18 confirmed cases till June 1, 2018.

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