Liz Truss Will Be Sworn In As Prime Minister Of Britain Today

Liz Truss will be sworn in as Prime Minister of Britain today, and Boris Johnson to submit his resignation to Queen Elizabeth.

Liz Truss of the ruling Conservative Party will take the oath of office today after winning Britain’s prime ministerial election. She has defeated Indian-origin MP Rishi Sunak.

Liz will replace Boris Johnson as Britain’s prime minister and will meet with Queen Elizabeth in Scotland before appointing a new team of top cabinet ministers to deal with the economic crisis.

With the victory, Liz will now have to overcome many of Britain’s challenges. Liz will have to deal with the challenges of recession, record inflation, and unrest in the industrial sector of the country.

Liz and Johnson to meet Queen Elizabeth.

With the victory of Liz, the process of changing power also started. Truss, 47, will meet with Queen Elizabeth II today for a “kissing of hand” ceremony.

He will also be accompanied by the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who left the post of Prime Minister after being embroiled in several scandals.

Johnson will formally submit his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II today.

Truss is set to become Britain’s third female prime minister, after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May, after the Queen formally asked her to form the government.

Notably, all female prime ministers so far have been Conservative.

Liz, who worked with three PMs.

Truss has also served three former prime ministers. David Cameron promoted her to Secretary of the Environment and during Theresa May she served as Secretary of Justice.

She was eventually made foreign secretary by Boris Johnson in 2021.

Liz Truss will be sworn in as Prime Minister: Image of firebrand leader.

The truss, active in public life since 1998, has the image of a firebrand leader. She has been openly expressing her opinion on public issues since the time of her studies.

Her tough stance was reflected in Moscow this year when she went to try to end the Russo-Ukraine war as foreign minister.

When the talks were not successful there, she gave Russia a good hearing at a joint press conference with the Russian Foreign Minister in Moscow.

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