Major Accident In Andhra Pradesh, 7 Workers Were killed While Cleaning Up An Oil Tanker

Major accident in Andhra Pradesh has killed seven workers cleaning up an oil tanker: Andhra Pradesh.

A major accident occurred in the Kakinada district of Andhra Pradesh. Seven workers died while cleaning oil refinery tankers.

The cause of death was reported to be asphyxiation by the workers. After the accident, there was an uproar in the area.

Police said there is a cooking oil factory near the town of Ragampet. The incident occurred around 7 a.m. on Thursday.

According to initial information, the dead were Paderu and Pulimeru residents of Peddapuram Mandal.

An eyewitness gave the information.

An eyewitness told of the accident. He said that the first worker went into the cistern without coming out, and the rest of the workers followed him into the cistern.

Relatives Sued.

After the deaths of the workers, condolences spread to their families. Relatives made serious accusations against the factory management.

He said the factory did not take any special measures to ensure the safety of its employees. Police are currently investigating the incident.

Mangalore Traffic Accident: Two groups collided in a minor accident in Mangalore, a car and a bicycle collided and collided.

Tensions were high in the Ganeshpura-Kaikamba district outside Suratkal Police Station in Mangalore after the two groups clashed in a minor accident.

Regarding this, the police announced on the 11th that they had received a complaint and a counter-complaint.

According to sources, the crash occurred as a result of a collision between a car and a bicycle on Wednesday evening. Police arrived at the scene and took manage of the situation.

The conflict among humans in communities.

The car that crashed into the motorcycle belonged to Fazil’s brother Adil, who was killed by terrorists in Suratkal last July.

Nagesh, on his bicycle, lost control and fell on the road, resulting in a brawl between two congregants.

Police dispersed the crowd to prevent further trouble. Biker Nagesh and Adil’s uncle Umar Farouk is hospitalized.

Both sides complained to the police. Security in the area was increased for fear that this case could be played in a common tone.

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