Manchester United Beat Southampton 9–0 In EPL

Manchester United beat Southampton 9–0, Leicester City record equals. Manchester United equaled the record for the biggest margin win in the English Premier League (EPL) by defeating Southampton, playing with nine players, 9–0.

It was 15 months before Southampton lost to Leicester City by a similar margin. United equaled their biggest win in the Premier League. He defeated Ipswich in 1995 by a similar margin.

19-year-old midfielder Aleksandar Jankovic of Southampton was eliminated from the field in the second minute with a red card and then in the 86th minute, John Bednarek was also forced out of the ground due to a red card.

In the first half, Aaron Van Bisaka (18th minute), Marcus Rashford (25th minute), and Addison Cavani (39th minute) scored goals, while John Bednarek (34th minute) scored a suicide goal.

United was ahead 4–0 by the half. In the second half, substitute Cavani was replaced by substitute Anthony Marshall, who scored two goals (69, 90th minute).

Apart from him, Scott McTomani (71st minute), Bruno Fernandes (87th minute, penalty), and Daniel James (90 + 3rd minute) also scored in this half.

In other EPL matches, Wolves beat Arsenal, Crystal Palace beat Newcastle, and Sheffield United beat West Brom. All three teams won by a similar margin of 2–1.

Dortmund in the German Cup quarter-finals

Borussia Dortmund beat the second division team Paderborn 3–2 in the extra-time match to make it to the quarter-finals of the German Cup football tournament.

But Bayer Leverkusen was eliminated 1-2 after losing to fourth-placed team Rot Weis Isen Irving Holland won Dortmund with a goal in extra time.

Dortmund seemed to have won 3–1 on time, but referee Tobias Steeler resorted to a video replay of Felix Paslac for a possible foul against Paderborn captain Sebastian Schoenlau.

Steeler punched Paderborn with a penalty after the video replays. In the seventh minute of Injury time, Priss OC Owusu scored on a penalty to equalize Paderborn.

Earlier, Dortmund took an early lead with goals from Emre Can (sixth) and Jadon Sancho (16th minute). The first goal for Paderborn was scored by Julian Justwan in the 79th minute.

In another match, Rott Weiss Essen beat Leverkusen 2–1 with two goals in extra time. Both teams were on goalless par for the scheduled time.

Leon Bailey scored in the 105th minute for Leverkusen, but Essen’s team was able to pull away with goals from Ozuhan Kelkir (108th minute) and Simone Ingelman (117th minute).

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