Minister Shashikala Jolle Danced With The Children In Hubli

Minister Shashikala Jolle Dance in Hubli; The Marathas are the Kannadigare. Minister Sasikala Jolle danced with the children at the Gamakeri girls’ gymnasium in Hubli.

In the meantime, Karawayi protested against the establishment of the Maratha Development Corporation in Hubli.

Hubli: Women and child welfare minister Shashikala Jolle Sakhat danced to an event in Hubli. Yesterday, he took the mast step with the children of the girls’ tents.

At the girls’ gymnasium in Ghantikeri, the children spent the morning in the gym and watched aerobics.

Shashikala Jolle, who accompanied the children, also bowed down. Afterward, the award cards were distributed to talented children. Mingled with the children and enjoyed.

Women and Child Development Department officials including Kikkodi MP Anna Saheb Jolle were also present.

Activists of the Karnataka Defense Forum Subbaimani faction staged a protest in Hubli against the establishment of the Maratha Development Corporation.

He shouted slogans against the state government, alleging that the corporation had been set up for the revival of Maratha voters.

Activists of the Karave Swabhimani faction demanding the resignation of CM Yeddyurappa, who staged a protest in the city’s Sangolki Raiyanna circle.

He expressed outrage against the decision of the state government. Tahasildar appealed to the CM to demand the resignation of the Maratha Development Corporation.

Congratulations to CM Yeddyurappa from the Kshatriya Maratha Society.

The establishment of the Maratha Development Corporation is welcome. President of Kshatriya Maratha Society Keshav Yadava said that the CM congratulates Yeddyurappa on behalf of the Maratha society.

Speaking at a press conference in Hubli, he said that the Maratha community in the state is very poor in social, educational, and economic areas.

He has demanded that the Maratha society should be added to 3A by 2B.

CM should already join Maratha society 2A as promised. Most Marathas in the state are Kannadigas. MES should not mingle with the Maratha society.

The Maratha society has always been at the forefront of the defense of Kannada Nadunudi.

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