Missouri, USA: 2 Killed In Shooting At St. Louis High School

Missouri, USA: 2 killed in shooting at St. Louis High School: 2 people were killed in a shooting at St. Louis High School in Missouri, USA, the attacker was killed by the police.

Many laws were enacted in America to ban the use of guns, but even today incidents of shootings are common there. The latest case has come from Missouri there.

Two people have been killed and six others injured in a gunfight at St. Louis High School here.

After this, the police engaged in the investigation shot and killed a suspect. Among those killed were a woman and a teenage girl, who died in the school.

Nine people were shot in the incident.

As reported by the news agency, the incident took place at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School and the shooter was shot by police inside the school.

Commissioner Mike Sack said at a news briefing that it is a heartbreaking day for all of us. He said that while nine people were shot in the incident, hundreds of others survived.

The suspect dies in the hospital.

Sack said eight people, including the gunman, were taken to hospital after which the suspect died in the hospital.

Following the incident, the authorities informed the families of the victims. Sack said the identity of the suspect is yet to be ascertained.

He told that people have suffered many wounds and gunshot wounds have also been seen.

The shooter also fired at the police, killed in retaliation.

Let us inform you that the police officials got information about this incident at around 9:10 am local time.

After getting the information from the police officers, they reached the spot within minutes and immediately surrounded the school.

Later, school students told officials that one of the shooters was armed with a long gun. During this, the shooter opened fire and in a retaliatory attack, the police killed the accused.

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