PM Modi Has Planted The Family Of Parijat In Ayodhya

PM Modi has planted the family of Parijat, who brought him to the earth, Shri Krishna, Laxmi Ji’s dear. Wednesday, August 5 has become very special for more than 130 crore people of India. Particularly because Prime Minister Narendra Modi today performed Bhoomi Pujan in Ayodhya to lay the foundation stone of the grand and huge temple of  Lord Ram.

Ayodhya decorated like a bride is very special today. Deepawali was celebrated here last night by lighting millions of lamps. Many dignitaries have become witnesses of this moment on this special and holy occasion today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also planted a plant of Parijat in the premises of the Ram temple.

This plant is not a common plant. It is said about this plant that the Parijat tree was planted by Devraj Indra in heaven. White flowers come on it are white-colored flowers which are small. The flowers on it are also different from other flowers. These flowers bloom at night and fall down from the tree on their own in the morning. Let me tell you that the flower that comes on the family plant is also the state flower of West Bengal.

There are many beliefs in Hinduism about this tree. According to them, Parijat’s flowers are very dear to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. It is also recognized that if she is offered these flowers while worshiping Lakshmi, then she is very happy.

But for the worship, the same flowers are used for the family, which itself falls down and falls on the ground. These flowers are not plucked from the tree and offered in worship. PM Modi will be in Ayodhya for two to three hours today. During this time, he has also explained the importance of this city and the magnificent temple of Shri Ram built here by planting a tree of Parijat.

According to Hindu beliefs, the flowers of the plant of Parijat also make up Lord Hari. It is said that Lord Krishna brought this plant to the earth for Goddess Satyabhama from heaven in Dwapara Yuga. This is the Deva tree which originated from the churning of the sea.

It has been a distinctive gemstone among 14 gems. It was said that by touching this tree, the fatigue of Indraloka’s Apsara Urvashi was erased. Parijat Dham is the center of faith. A fair of devotees is held here in the month of Sawan. Devotees from many districts arrive here to offer water on Mahashivaratri fast.

This medicinal plant is found in the lowland areas of the Himalayas. The Parijat tree is 10 to 15 feet high. However, at some places, its height is also 25 to 30 feet. Let us tell you that like the Parijat, the Shri Ram temple built here has its own special significance. On this day, people on social media are congratulating all the countrymen for this day.

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