Maoists Shot Dead Coal Businessman At Chhat Ghat In Jharkhand

Maoists shot dead coal businessman at Chhat Ghat. Maoists play the bloody game at Chhat Ghat, coal businessman shot dead.

Coal businessman Mukesh Giri, the resident of Tapas village in the Simaria region of Chatra district, was shot dead by CPI Maoists at Chhat Ghat.

The incident took place around 7 am on Saturday morning. Mukesh Giri has received two bullets.

After being shot, he has been referred to RIMS after first aid at Simaria Referral Hospital. He died in order to be taken for treatment.

The Maoists have left two papers at the scene.

The Maoists have accused Giri of being a police informer.

On getting information about the incident, Simaria along with CDPO Bachnadev Kujur and Pathalgada police station in-charge Niranjan Kumar Mishra Dalbal reached Tapas Chhat Ghat and inquired about the matter.

Police have recovered three kiosks and two handwritten forms from the scene. Witnesses said that a large number of devotees were present at the ghat at the time of offering ardent form to Lord Bhaskar.

Arghya giving program was going on. In this sequence, the sound of three bullets was heard one after the other.

By the time people could understand something, three or four motorcycle-ridden criminal CPI Maoists escaped chanting Zindabad.

SDPO Kujur said that detailed information of the incident is being taken. The reasons behind the incident are also being investigated. It is clear that the CPI Maoists have carried out the incident.

In Ranchi, a laborer crushed to death, even after receiving information, the police left the dead body

Prem Kachhap, a resident of Sodha village in the Kharsidag OP area of ​​Ranchi, was brutally murdered after beheading him with a stone.

The dead body of the laborer is found near the bushes near the village.

According to the information, Prem Kachhap, age 40, a resident of Sodha village, went to the ten-mile market on Monday to get vegetables from his house.

When the vegetable did not reach their house till late at night with the vegetables from the market, the family started researching from their level.

It was reported to Kharasidag OP. The family made the love of all their relatives here on Tuesday. But nowhere to be found.

A corpse was seen in the bushes on the sidewalks around 5:00 pm on Friday evening. Prem was crushed with stone and brutally murdered and thrown into the bushes to hide the body.

The head, both legs, thigh, and chest were crushed with a stone.

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