PM Modi Praised Bravery Of Security Forces On Nagrota Encounter

PM Modi praised the bravery of the Security Forces on Nagrota Encounter.

PM Modi said on Nagrota encounter – Terrorists wanted to wreak havoc, the bravery of security forces was extraordinary.

The terrorist attack like Mumbai has exposed the conspiracy behind the terrorist encounter on Thursday in Nagrota, Jammu, and Kashmir.

The security agencies have come to know during the investigation that the slain terrorists were sent to carry out similar attacks on the anniversary of the Mumbai attack.

In this regard, a high-level meeting was also held on Friday under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister.

The meeting was also attended by Home Minister Amit Shah and National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval. At the same time, Pakistan has been attacked by PM Modi tweeting after the meeting.

PM Modi praised the bravery of the Security Forces, said, “The killing of 4 terrorists belonging to the Pakistan-based terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed.

The presence of large quantities of weapons and explosives in them indicates that they were looking for a major attack, But his efforts have once again been thwarted. ‘

Another tweet by the PM said, ‘Our security forces have once again displayed great bravery and professionalism.

Because of his vigilance, he has defeated a nefarious plot to target grassroots democratic efforts in Jammu and Kashmir. ‘

The terrorists who were killed in the Nagrota encounter last day were in the process of executing a major terror attack.

This was revealed in an important meeting called by PM Narendra Modi regarding the Nagrota terror attack.

The news agency shared important information from the meeting of PM Modi quoting government sources that the terrorists killed in Nagrota encounter were in the backdrop of a major attack on the anniversary of the 26/11 terror attack.

However, all four were eliminated by Indian security forces.

Terrorist conspiracy on Nagrota highway

The plot to infiltrate the terrorists through the highway in Jammu and Kashmir was thwarted on Thursday.

Four Lashkar-e-Taiba militants were killed by security forces near the Bana toll plaza of Nagrota in an attempt to sneak into the truck from Jammu’s Samba sector through Pakistan.

All these terrorists were hiding in the truck on the way to Srinagar, the security forces blew the whole truck with a bomb.

The movement of vehicles on the Nagrota highway has been stopped and security has been tightened on the Jammu-Srinagar highway. The search operations have been conducted by the security forces in the vicinity of Ban Toll Plaza.

Big disclosure about terrorists, hiding in a truck

Several revelations have been made about the Nagrota encounter.

According to the information, a special cabin was built inside the truck in which the terrorists were being hidden and taken to Kashmir, in which beds and blankets were also kept.

Compost and cement sacks were kept in this truck. A cabin was built between them, where the terrorists were brought in hiding.

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