President Raises The Tricolor Flag, Not The Prime Minister, On Republic Day. Do You Know Why?

President raises the tricolor flag, not the Prime Minister, on Republic Day. Do you know why? Republic Day 2023.

India celebrates the 74th Republic Day on Thursday. January 26 of each year is a national holiday. People have fun on this unique day with high-quality enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Today it shows the power of Indian democracy. On this day, Republic Day ceremonies are held in Rajpath, Delhi, the capital of the Republic.

At the same time, the President raises the national flag on this special day.

In this situation, many people wonder why the Prime Minister raises the national flag on Liberation Day if the President raises the national flag on Republic Day.

If this question also pops up in your head, I will tell you why this is happening.

Republic Day 2023: This is why the president raises the flag on Republic Day.

In fact, when India gained independence on August 15, 1947, the Prime Minister was then the head of state.

Because of this, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru raised his flag at the Red Fort on Independence Day after independence.

However, after independence, when the country’s constitution came into force on January 26, 1950, Dr. Rajendra Prasad became the country’s constitutional head, taking the presidential oath.

In such circumstances, he raised the national flag on Republic Day.

Since then, it has been a tradition for the Prime Minister to raise the flag on Independence Day and the President to raise the flag on Republic Day.

The difference between flag hoisting and hoisting.

Few people know that there is a difference between raising the flag and raising the flag. In fact, on January 26, Republic Day, the flag is tied and raised there.

That’s why they hoist the flag and don’t hoist the flag on Republic Day. On the other hand, speaking of Liberation Day, on August 15th, the national flag is hoisted and hoisted.

This is because when India was freed from British slavery, the flag of the British government at the time was lowered and the flag of India was raised.

For this reason, on August 15, the tricolor rises after being pulled up.


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