Punjab Kid Who Spent Rs16 Lakh Of Father’s Cash On PUBG

Punjab Kid who spent Rs 16 Lakh of Father’s cash on PUBG made to work at Bike auto shop. The gaming someone who is an addicted kid from Punjab who covertly spent Rs 16 lakh of his parents’ cash on the fight royale versatile game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG is being made to work at a bike mechanics shop.

While gamers have been known to put forth an admirable attempt to demonstrate their adoration for PUBG, the adolescent gaming someone who is addicted from Punjab’s Kharar took the rage for the portable game to another level after he spent Rs 16 lakhs from his dad’s record to purchase virtual ammo in the game.

The 17-year-old would take his dad’s cell phone on the affection of online classes however would get to his dad’s financial balances to make in-application buys for him and his companions.

It was in the wake of getting bank proclamations that his Parents became more acquainted with about it. His dad, a bank worker posted in another city, had been setting aside the cash for his wellbeing treatment. In the wake of getting some answers concerning his child’s twofold dealings, the dad has chosen to make the kid work at a bike mechanics shop to show him the estimation of hard-earned cash.

“I can’t let him sit inactive at home and can’t give him a cell phone in any event, for contemplating,” the dad revealed to media. “He is working at a bike auto shop so he understands that it is so difficult to procure cash,.” The dad further included that he was miserable now since all the cash that he had spared for his own social insurance as well as for his child’s future was currently gone.

According to the report, the kid furtively took out cash to the tune of Rs 16 lakh including Rs 2 lakh which he pulled back from his mom’s PF account. He was additionally prone to rearrange cash between his, his moms’, and fathers’ records with the goal that they would not discover.

Since the cash was spent deliberately by the kid, the police additionally wouldn’t help. This isn’t the first occasion when a youthful gamer has spent on fortune on PUBG. Prior, in March, a 12-year-old had been blamed for taking money worth Rs 3 lakh from his own folks in Gujarat’s Kutch area

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