Religion Conversion In UP: Most Funding Came From Philippines

Religion Conversion In UP: Most funding came from the Philippines, Omar hired a sign language expert.

Umar Gautam, the kingpin of the conversion gang, had also visited Kanpur 11 times in the last five years.

During this, he had organized many meetings regarding conversion at different places, in which only deaf children were on his list.

Not only this, but he had also activated a dead bank account of a student resident of Kanpur so that the money spent for the institution could be transacted.

However, the transaction has not started in that account yet. After this new information came to the fore, the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has intensified its investigation.

In the investigation conducted by the ATS so far in the conversion case, it has become clear that Kanpur was a major center of Islamic Dawah Center and its affiliated organization Islamic Foundation of Deaf.

So far, about a dozen cases of conversion have been reported from Kanpur. In these, the ATS and the Commissionerate Police are working in a secret manner.

ATS investigation has revealed that Umar Gautam visited Kanpur at least 11 times in the previous five years. Some visits lasted a few hours, while sometimes he stayed here for two to four days.

The conversion was the main issue in the migration. He also went to the college in Chamanganj, where motivation classes were conducted for conversion.

Religion Conversion In UP: The highest funding came from the Philippines.

According to ATS sources, it has become clear that Umar was being funded from outside countries as well. It has come to the fore that most of the funding is from the Philippines.

He also wanted to make every center financially strong. That’s why he had devised a plan to open bank accounts in all major centers in a fake manner.

In Kanpur, he had activated a dead bank account. The account belonged to a young man from the city, who has been working for the Islamic Dawah Center for the past decade.

He had opened this account while studying in Kanpur. When Umar came to know about this, he had reactivated this account two years ago.

However, there is no information with the ATS regarding the transactions from this account so far.

Omar has four experts in sign language.

Omar had four experts in sign language. These experts used to prepare deaf videos for Umar, which Omar used to upload on different platforms of internet media. Police are looking for all four.

Omar’s viral video was shot in Manipur.

The video of Omar which has gone viral on the internet media was shot in Manipur. In the year 2017, he had gone there to attend a ceremony of conversion.

In this video itself, he mentioned Anupriya alias Ayesha from Kanpur, who has done her MSc-B.Ed from Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University (CSJMU). There is no trace of her till now.

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  • July 2, 2021 at 9:52 pm

    In Philippines Muslims were converted to Christianity by Portuguese/Spanish centuries ago.
    Unable to turn tables there, they found easy to convert Indians.

    Great ! Composite culture, secularism, tolerance.


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